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Boymelgreen Starts Work on the Boymelpark

Let's just say that a lot of people in Park Slope have been unhappy that developer Shaya Boymelgreen looked like he was backing out of a commitment to restore part of J.J. Byrne Park when he finished building their Novo Park Slope condo on Fourth Avenue. The local community board even went so far as to ask the Department of Buildings to hold up on the building's Certificate of Occupancy unless Boymelgreen came up with the, uh, green. Whether it was the threat, pangs of conscience or the fix was the plan all along, the work on what we'll call the Boymelpark is now underway as this photo from a special neighborhood correspondent shows. If it goes at the speed of a building we know of at Atlantic + Smith, we're looking at completion definitely by, say, 2010. Which could be why some people are still saying the work should be done before the all the paperwork on the building is cleared.
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