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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Chance of Fireworks in Kips Bay

Yesterday, we gave you everything but the listing price on this 25th St. 1-bedroom. Today, the big reveal. Thanks for playing.

Listing: 245 E. 25th St. [Bellmarc]
Asking: $869k
The nays carried this one, lambasting the paint job ("Was there a Teriyaki Boy there? It looks like the color scheme for a fast food restaurant...") and the "ludicrous bathroom situation," and questioning whether any real one bedroom would have a curved wall like that. Eh, it's kind of growing on us. In any case, they may be on to something. The unit was PriceChopped by $30k earlier this week. That makes "Anonymous 3:30 p.m." our winner at $869.5k. Because we're a little suspicious of that bid, we will also affix the Gold Star to Scott C., who came in at $870k. Extra hot dogs for everyone!
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