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Harlem Provides Further Evidence of the Sushi Theory

We'll try not to step on the toes of our friends at Eater, but we've already explored the link between sushi and gentrification, and we'll be darned if the topic doesn't keep popping up. Our old friend Harlem Fur has the scoop on Charlie's Place, a new sushi joint that doesn't sound like a sushi joint, up on Madison Avenue between 125th and 126th Streets. Sez the Fur:

I know that other places may have served sushi around here, but as far as I know, Charlie's Place on Madison between 125th and 126th is the first regular sushi joint in the area. By regular I mean one can run in after work and pick up a $4 tuna or spicy salmon roll to go.Also, the eel and spicy salmon are satisfying, and the hours kind of suck. Some Harlem Fur commentors add some instant analysis to the fray, including how you know when a neighborhood has truly changed: "We could have 10 Starbuck's but if there's no sushi then it doesn't matter." We're pretty sure that's in the bible somewhere.
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