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808 Columbus: After the Fall

In the after-fall at 808 Columbus, a lot of people have been pointing out that they lodged dozens of complaints about construction issues that were ignored. We did, after all, note back in June, as part of our fanatical coverage of the building, that construction of 808 was "rattling" the neighbors. In any case, most of the residents of 784 Columbus have returned since it was determined their building wouldn't slide the abyss, but we'll note that 808 Columbus racked up 56 complaints with the Department of Buildings dating back to December. For the sake of comparison, the Toll Brothers 110 Third Avenue, which was the site of that crane collapse that crushed a cab, has only had 38 complaints and it's almost done; 808 Columbus is still only a hole. Williamsburg's reviled Finger Building, meanwhile, has 89 complaints, but that's dating back more than two years and none get at possible building collapse issues. Regardless, the 808 Columbus Complaint Pool problems involve things like "blasting going off without proper notification and buildings are not protected," which was on July 24, the day before the collapse. And, "unsafe demolition," also the same day. One caller to the Building Department even noted that "Part of one of the retaining walls looks as if it is going to collapse."
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