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Coney Island Monday Fun: 'Anarchy' & Tivoli Gardens

This isn't so much an item about the lastest development news in Coney Island that the city is looking to Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens for a possible competitor to Thor Equities, so much as it is an excuse for some Monday YouTube fun about the, uh, exhuberant crowd there over the weekend. An email made the rounds describing the scene as "last night's Coney Island anarchy, violence, and mayhem," which does have a way of getting attention. The altercation took place inside a spot called Cha-Cha’s:

The crowd caused several thousand dollars in damage in about ten minutes. The owner of the club asked the band to make an announcement to the audience to stop. Instead, the band broke into a song called ‘Zen And The Art of Breaking Everything in The Room’ and the audience did just that...pulled pieces of the ceiling and crowd-surfed with it, ripped out all the wiring from the ceiling, punched holes in the wall, broke all the ceiling fans, disco balls and light bulbs...
As for the redevelopment plan, it turns out the city is exploring the possibility of a Tivoli park in Coney Island. How this would work now that Thor owns most of the land in the amusement district is another matter.
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