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Bike-Path War: 91st vs. 89th

It must be great to have your street blocked off and turned into a private park, which is what the residents of East 91st between 2nd and 3rd have enjoyed since the street was zoned as a "play" street in 1978 and closed off from traffic. But now the street is being considered for a possible bike lane that would connect Central Park and the East River with one-way paths along East 91st and 90th Streets. The problem? Residents don't want to give up their "park" and now Community Board 8 has recommended a route change to 89th.

Should the bike path be granted on 91st? State Senator José M. Serrano commented on the N.Y. Sun website and is clearly against it. And another commenter says, "Can we just leave something alone in this city that is working? Not everything has to be for everybody all the time."

The photo below, from a Curbed tipster late last evening, shows the outlines of a path already in place on 90th St. Nothing had been drawn on 91st.

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