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Second Avenue Subway Scene: Phase I of Phase I Complete

Much thanks to the Curbed gang for inviting me to sit in this week. 78thand2nd here: And away we go.

The Hartford Courant asks why it's going to take so long to complete the Second Avenue subway. Well, Couranters, it might something to do with this: Since the lanes on the west sides of 91st through 96th were blocked off in early July, um, it looks like they've basically dug a hole and installed some fences. The work being done now is part of the first construction contract, which calls for the building of new tunnels between 92nd and 63rd Streets and is set to be completed in 40 months, according to the MTA. In other words, we're going to be here for a while.

The MTA says it will be conducting "extensive public and community outreach" and welcomes your input if you're looking for some answers yourself.

While we wait, do enjoy these new snaps, straight to you from the Second Avenue Subway DMZ.

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