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An Olive Garden Grows Quickly in Brooklyn

Must be something in the South Brooklyn soil, but the structure that we've dubbed the Olive Garden Building because it's the rumored future location of an Olive Garden restaurant, is going up fast. When we saw 500 Fourth Avenue a few weeks ago it was only a baby Kalamata with a few stories. Now, it's at eight stories and heading fast for its final goal of 12. The special correspondent that sent the photo above wrote, "I took some photos from our deck of the 500 4th Ave. development which is currently at 8 floors. We are bummed that our slight city views are going to get blocked." The building is an Isaac Katan production with architecture by Robert Scarano. As for some added color, there's a partial Stop Work Order on the building because things have, uh, been falling on a neighboring property and it's racked up 39 complaints so far with the Department of Buildings, not that anyone is counting.
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500 Fourth Avenue

500 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY