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Calling All 'Burg Artists: Want to Sell Out for Atlantic Yards?

Hey, speaking of Williamsburg artists and their involvement in large-scale Brooklyn real estate projects, let's see what's up with the Atlantic Yards. It turns out that AY, like pretty much everything else that involves moving dirt around, needs investors. So how will Bruce Ratner, Frank Gehry & Co. round up some financial support? By latching onto some Williamsburg cool, of course. An email making the rounds goes a little somethink like this:

Hi, I'm working on an in house promotional video for Frank Gehry and the Atlantic Yards Project. We will be taping in Williamsburg this Thursday or Friday and are interested in videoing an artist in his or her work space. The work should be large and colorful and the space should be interesting, windows or some nice architecture. It should also be at least 700 to 1000 square feet or bigger. This video will be shown to investors and could be an opportunity to highlight the artists work. We will have a small crew of about 8 people and shouldn't be there longer than an hour or two. We can give the artist a nominal fee of 250.00 as we have no location budget.

You would think that if any project would have a decent budget to work with, it'd be this one. OK, maybe the High Line.
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