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Should Domino Forego Commerce for Art?

At left, Williamsburg's shuttered Domino Sugar Refinery, slated for residential and commercial redevelopment. At right, London's Tate Modern museum, slated for probably exhibiting a bunch of animals dipped in formaldehyde or something. So what's the connection? Well, on first glance they look fairly similar?waterfront, industry holdovers in major metropolitan areas. So if the former Bankside Power Station could be turned into a cultural institution and national treasure, why can't Domino be converted to the same? That's exactly what a group of Williamsburg artists have been proposing, according to the Sun and this YouTube slideshow. But while the idea of a Williamsburg cultural center that has nothing to do with cheap PBR specials and/or Todd P. sounds like a pretty cool idea, don't get your hopes up: it's all just a pipe dream for now.
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New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY