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Where's Chou: Demo For 78th and 1st?

Developer and sometimes criminal Robert Chou?he's been convicted of bribery and perjury according to the New York Sun?was reportedly chomping at the bit to demo four adjacent buildings on the corner of 78th and 1st (right) to make room for a 12 story condo building, in late June. Chou has a history of running Upper East Side building projects that get low marks for safety and environmental soundness?he had a masterpiece on 79th a few years back that garnered more than 20 environmental violations from the city.

A petition had been filed to evict five rent-stabilized tenants living in three of the buildings, which according to this commenter includes Adele Mailer, Normal Mailer's ex-wife. But since that news in late June, the news on the development, the evictions and Chou has gone eerily quiet. What's the deal? Please hit the comments if you can shed any light.
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