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CurbedWire: Fireworks (of a Sort) in Williamsburg, $150k Wine Cellars at One Madison, Dwyer Hype!

WILLIAMSBURG—A tipster emails from the new Williamsburg waterfront, "After all the hoopla, state parks closed the park for the fireworks after supposedly 4,000 people were in the park. Just as many were outside, locked out. The police/park rangers were very rude and the crowd very unhappy about the situation. The block is two full city blocks, huge, and there was plenty room inside for more visitors to the PUBLIC park. Even further evidence the state has no idea how to manage public spaces in NYC." [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLATIRON—Random fun from another tipster: "Regarding One Madison, one more interesting feature of this building is that it has 20 private wine cellars in the basement. All of which have been sold out at 150K a piece." [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM—Word from someone who may or may not be a shill: "Just received word that the four remaining unsold units in The Dwyer in Harlem are increasing in price anywhere from $16K for a unit that was $704K to $61.5K for a unit that was $840K. Great news for someone that bought into the place early. The Dwyer is supposed to be completed end of October with occupancy following the certificate of occupancy." [CurbedWire]