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On the Racked: LES Pickle Wars, Avalon Spa Relocates in West Village, Chelsea Flea Market Threatened Again

And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Lower East Side: There's been controversy brewing over which Guss' Pickles is for sale at Bowery Whole Foods—and whether the Guss' Pickles procured from Long Island are, in fact, more genuine than those found today on Orchard Street. Still with us? Good. You'll now want to hear what a self-proclaimed 70-year-old pickle expert has to say on the subject.

2) West Village: Those who love a good haircut, lament. From a Racked tipster: "Was surprised on the way home from work the other day to see the Avalon Salon and Spa on W. 4th b/t Perry and W. 11th, closed. Here we go again, the West Village loses yet another nabe-defining business to what I can only assume are higher rents." Avalon is moving to Christopher Street, but that doesn't placate everyone: Sorry to say it, but I and most West Village residents avoid Christopher Street like it's the plague."

3) Chelsea: Long since forced from what was then an empty lot on Sixth Avenue and 26th Street, the famed, adored, beloved Chelsea Flea Market has holed up at the Antiques Garage at 112 West 25th Street. Now comes word that a developer has snapped up the Antiques Garage, making the flea's future murky. Bargain while the bargaining's good, friends.

4) Central Village/LES: Rackage is a photographic look inside recently-opened stores around town. Check out the Helio store on Broadway, or step inside newish LES bar/boutique The Dressing Room.