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Gas Station Mania: The Dryout Continues

Above, a reminder of the death and destruction visited upon Manhattan gas stations over the past few years. (Pour one out for the West 23rd Street Exxon, soon to be a Boymelgreen development; the Lower Avenue B Gaseteria, now new development 1 Avenue B, and the Lower Sixth Avenue Mobil, likely awaiting similar fate.) About a year back, it was reported that 54 gas stations remained in Manhattan, but the NYT reports that the number is actually a more palatable 186. Still, that's down from 211 gas joints in 2003—a trend pushed, naturally, by real estate development:

For instance, a former BP Amoco station at 236-250 Atlantic Avenue, a prime location in Brooklyn not far from the Brooklyn Bridge, that sold in May might have gone for $1 million to $2 million as a gas station. Instead, it sold for $13 million as a residential development parcel, Mr. Dario said. The owner plans a mix of apartments and stores on the site, which covers more than 28,500 square feet.At least they're not becoming drive-through banks. Small victories.
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