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Ask Curbed: Girlfriend Gone, Apartment Too?

If we had a nickel for every time somebody asked us an apartment question related to a break-up?woo boy, we'd have, like, 70 cents. Who gets the place, who gets to keep what, etc. Here's one coming at you involving that most precious of Manhattan commodities: rent stabilization.

My girlfriend and I are splitting up, we share a rent stablized lease on our upper west side apartment. The lease is up for renewal in a few months, she wants to take her name off of the lease [which is in both our names] and I will keep the apartment. Before we ask our not-so-nice landlord about this, what are our rights? Can he refuse to do this? We know he would love to kick me out so he can jack up the rent.Seems like keeping it would not be a problem since his name is on the lease already, but never discount a dick landlord. As always, your suggestions and/or relationship advice in the comments.
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