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Million-Dollar PriceChop on Apartment That Doesn't Yet Exist

Within the realm of floorplan porn lurks one of our favorite subgenres: speculative floorplan porn. Like the layout above, for example, which is what you could build if you scooped up the roof rights at 11 Riverside Drive, also known as the Schwab House. Grand visions of a 4,400sf duplex with an 1,100sf terrace set the price tag high on this chunky patch of roof. Perhaps a little too high. The Manhattan Loft Guy sends word:

That’s some serious chopping for PH- W2 at 11 Riverside (Schwab House) Not sure how much of this space actually exists yet (not the upper floor, for sure; and maybe not even the lower floor), but you do get a “board that is committed to helping turn your dream into reality” and an “Opportunity to create an urban oasis”.

Price just dropped from $3.8mm to $2.8mm. Build out for another million???

It's an absolute steal as it sits right now. Think they'll let you just pitch a tent up there?
· Listing: Riverside Drive [Halstead]