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Renzo's Rod-A-Palooza By Any Other Name

Everyone is going ga-ga over the views (or supposed lack thereof) at the nearly-finished New York Times Tower just off Times Square. Amidst all that folderol folks might have missed the tag that now calls out from the west side of the tower. But a warning: anyone walking along Eighth Avenue who does miss the Times' big new "Hello!" might want to get their eyes checked. 'Cuz this sucker is hard to miss. 'Tis one vast masthead. A ginormous nameplate. No question about who lives here. Architect Renzo Piano and his crew have pulled off this slick trick by wrapping some of those love-'em-or-hate-'em rods with lots of black somethin'-or-other. And made it look like the whole damn thing just rolled off the presses. Seems from now on we're gonna have to call this baby the BIG Old Gray Lady.

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