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CurbedWire: Barge Pool Reopens, Rent Hikes at Normandie Court, Williamsburg Fireworks Redux

Let's round out a gloriously lackadaisical week with some CurbedWire, shall we? Remember, your tips, rumors, and gossip are what make the wire go. Our thanks in advance.

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Glad tidings from the previously off-kilter Barge Pool as a hot weekend dawns. A tipster on the scene emails, "Everyone is reporting that the floating pool is broken. As of today it isn't. Spoke to a friend who was just there a few hours ago." [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER EAST SIDE—The only way to make random rent hike bitching better? When said bitching emanates from the walls of East 95th Street's legendary Normandie Court, aka Dormandy. Emails a tipster, "Our rent is currently $2,000 for a 1 BR at Normandie Court, 215 East 95th Street. I just got the lease renewals: Year 1: $2,400; Year 2: $2,800—20% and 40% rent hike! There have been no capital improvements on the building, in fact, quality has gone down if anything."
[CurbedWire Inbox, photo courtesy CityRealty]

WILLIAMSBURG—Following up on yesterday's Wire item about July 4 fireworks at the new East River State Park, a Curbed reader emails, "Actually, the tipster is not entirely correct. There were signs posted outside the park that they only had capacity for 4000. I got there early and had no problem getting in. I spoke with one of the rangers and he was not rude at all—actually, he was pretty damn friendly. The ranger said they had actually let in around 5300 people but they had to close the gate not because the park couldn't handle more capacity but because there were not enough rangers/police on hand to handle a larger crowd. It was more of a public safety issue. Also, because the grass in the park is fresh sod they didn't want it to be completely torn up by all those people in the rain." Hmm, makes sense. Perhaps even a little too much sense? [CurbedWire Inbox]