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Curbed Readers Comment: The New Domino, Rent Stabilization and Your Girlfriend, Catching a Neighborhood Crapper, More!

1) Ask Curbed: Girlfriend Gone, Apartment Too? (114 comments)
"My bf and i also have a two-bedroom for $1186/month. We are also saving a couple thousand a month for a down payment. I think it's a great way to get a start - if we paid $3000/month for the same type of apt we wouldn't be able to save anything."
2) BREAKING: Scope Plan for 'The New Domino' Revealed! (pictured above, 55 comments)
"great. why do they want everything to look like DT jersey city? seriously, i don't understand. i wish the Domino structures could evolve into something like the Tate Modern in London and house something interesting and educational for nearby residents. It makes perfect sense too."
3) Boerum Hill's Mad Crapper Caught in the Act (43 comments)
"So let's get this straight. You find someone pooping on your stoop at 6 AM, but your morning doesn't get annoying until you call the cops."
4) Curbed Roundtable: July State O' the Market Report (41 comments)
"A pretty mixed report, but again shows that NY is at this point inoculated from a huge meltdown. Foreign money and lack of subprime loans will keep things afloat until the national market stabilizes or turns around. "