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Hell's Kitchen Encore Becomes Metro, Embarrasses Self

There's really nothing more to add to this. Take it away, tipster:

I live in Hell's Kitchen and last year I heard horror tales of residents in a building called the Encore (W53rd @8th Ave) being told to leave. The building was bought by new owners and they were turning the building into a condo and wanted the building emptied out as soon as possible to renovate and combine apartments etc etc. I believe most people moved out over the summer 2006.

Now - Summer 2007, and the building has been renamed "The Metro" and will once again be a rental building. Apparently the Condo stuff never materialized and there was no combination of apartments etc.

The kicker: they just installed a huge sign on the side of the building advertising rentals, the new name and the web site - - but the phone number listed on the sign is wrong. The rental office number will be 212-245-7800 - yet the sign reads 212-254-7800.

So, they were wrong about Condos and wrong about their own phone number.Some hardcore investigative journalism?a phone call?proves that the phone number listed on the website is indeed the correct number (the other one just rang and rang). You might be able to get a good deal when the sales office opens in a week or two, considering the lack of calls that will be coming in.
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