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Stuy Town CarpetGate Update: Letter Revealed!

It has gotten to the point where every move made by Tishman Speyer in regards to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village is dissected for some hidden ulterior motive. When we heard that letters were being sent to tenants about enforcing the 80% carpet rule, the comments seemed to be divided into various camps. Is Tishman just enforcing a simple rule because of noise complaints? Are they just trying to pester rent stabilized tenants until they leave? Can they really go on to evict over rugs? Try reading between the lines of this letter sent to a tenant and then tell us what to make of it, because it's wrapped in so much mystery?or none at all?that our brain just jumped out of our skull and said, "Dudes, I'm so outta here." It was last seen stuck in traffic on the L.I.E., looking totally pissed.

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