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Arrested Development: Cracks and Holes at The Langston

One of the challenges of buying at a new development: guesstimating the quality of the work. A buyer at new Harlem development The Langston—located at 68 Bradhurst Avenue between 145th and 146th—finds that out the hard way. Above, photos from a recent inspection of one buyer's unit, where issues range from cracked marble in the bathroom (upper right) to drywall seams showing in the living room (bottom right). Of the building's 180 units, 120 were restricted to middle-income buyers, with 60 sold as market-rate, with pricing at those said by brokers to be "top-end" for the neighborhood. Affordable luxury! Or something. Ouch.

A Curbed reader reports live from the scene:

So this is what you get for about half a mill's worth: 1. cockeyed outlets and walls... EVERYTHING IS COCKEYED!
2. chipped wood floors
3. unsanded spackle (I think that's what you call it)....they spackle everything without sanding it down to a smooth surface...looks lumpy everywhere.
4. unsanded drywall seams ...who the heck wants a living room wall where your guests can point out where your wall was pieced together?
5. bathroom tiles not set correctly...set about 5/8" apart. You can literally "fall through the cracks"
6. bathroom tiles not cut correctly, has jagged edges and was grouted into place anyways with about 1" gap between your tile and the wall...again, your guest can get trapped in your crack.
7. grout spread all over countertops and not cleaned.
8. walls primed only! or maybe flat paint was used (the cheapest stuff out there)
9. wiring is all screwed up
10. countertops not cut to spec. Most everything was cut short and then filled with putty (or whatever they use) to fill the 5/8" to 3/4" gaps.

So Gotham and Richman LLC are the builders....great job guys for selling "luxury homes" with some of the worst craftsmanship out there! don't worry, I'll never buy another home from you guys again!

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