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Are Park Slope Moms Too Hot to Handle?

We're pretty sure that a lot will be said on the Internets about the Times Real Estate cover story on the Park Slope mom cabal?and indeed, we've already addressed it in It Happened...?so let's take a look at the initial backlash. Interestingly, the Times had a link to a "comment on this story" section that quickly disappeared after just 12 comments. You can still read the feedback here, and it's all fairly mild, so we're not sure why the link got pulled. Some selections:

I hate the crunchy-granola yuppies with their $700 strollers so I ended up moving out of Brooklyn altogether and into Manhattan. There’s a certain “smugness” about Park Slope that I can’t tolerate.?Janet

One reason I would never live in Park Slope is the self-righteous, co-op loving, super white, parent-child-dog thing.?Jill

Your opening paragraph practically insinuates that the “childless” are all somehow huddled together living in some squat house on the edge of town. This is the sort of mentality, which made living in Park Slope (6 year sentence) nearly unbearable.?Claire

Pretty much the usual Park Slope gripes. Oh, and then there's the other type of feedback to this story. The, shall we say, unusual reaction. Like, um, this. And as an aside, how long before the first ironic "Stroller Nazi" T-shirt is spotted on a young Park Slope mom?
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