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Discounted BrownstoneEV's Partial Reveal

The wraps came off the Brownstone East Village for a brief moment last week, and we got our firt glimpse at what the exterior of the second-floor retractable wall will look like when the heavy-duty continuous fan is ready to blow. Our gut reaction was that the developers (or, perhaps, the buyers) copped out and settled for a regular ol' wall, but then we took another glimpse at the animation on BrownstoneEV's website, and the looks match up. As for the four-unit building's sales effort, the remaining triplex penthouse just underwent a significant PriceChop, down $245,000 for a new price of $2.25 million. At least, we think it's $245,000 (the price was $2.495 million last time we checked), but StreetEasy shows a whopping $450,000 reduction five weeks ago. Yowza.
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