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It Happened One Weekend: Park Slope: Nasty As They Want To Be

1) Park Slope takes a lot of hits for being dominated by the stroller set. But is all the negativity really deserved? Well, apparently yes. From seeing moms whipping em out to breast feed in Two Boots, mommy-daughter duets serenading you for jaywalking, and parents pointing out the superiority of their baby carrier, Park Slope really may be as terrible as people claim. [The Park Slope Parent Trap/Samantha Storey]

2) An up and coming doctor cures his own case of loneliness by escaping his isolated Bronx lifestyle for a cramped, 250 square foot converted studio apartment on Avenue C for $1,750. Despite the lack of space and high broker fee, our doctor couldn't be happier with his new, non-Bronx life, saying, "I'm so excited having things half a block away." [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

3) The businesses of the Iron Triangle continue to operate despite the recently announced redevelopment plans, but some businesses owners seem weary after more than 40 years of redevelopment threats. One Willets Point owner, Howard Feinstein of Feinstein Iron Works, explains, "Give me money, pay for my facility to be relocated somewhere, and I'll go." [The City/Alex Mindlin]

4) Chelsea is morphing from a neighborhood full of art galleries and ugly towers because developers have targeted the area as the place for new boutique hotels. Why the sudden influx? Jim Anhut, of the soon to open Hotel Indigo explains, "in the case of Chelsea, it has more of an eclectic feel, which is the right atmosphere for a boutique hotel." Total shock, it seems the new hotels are also ugly towers. [Square Feet/Lisa Chamberlain]

5) Brooklyn is by far the bloggiest of boroughs, and our own Bob Guskind thinks he knows why, explaining, "The only explanation I can think of is the critical-mass explanation. Blogs breed more blogs." Exactly. [Cracker Barrel 2.0/Gregory Beyer]