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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Pinky Finger a U2 Affair?

360 West 11th Street photo via The Villager

1) Page 6 spotted Bono and The Edge touring Julian Schnabel's hot pink/Pompeii red/butt ugly West 11th Street tower with some broker-looking folks. You know what's cool about that? It get us thinking that the Bono rumor we ran nearly one year ago could be true. Did we mention how awesome our tipsters are? [Page 6]

2) Newly single Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi had one of her people check out a $16,000/month rental in The Modern near the MePa, but the "green" building's lack of a doorman may torpedo that effort. [Intelligencer]

3) There's word of another buyer at 40 Bond who is raring to live la vida loca. Fashion photographer/celebrity lensman Mario Testino paid nearly $6.3 million for a 2,600-square-foot spread in the Ricky Martin and hedge fund-heavy development. [WSJ]

4) Billionaire socialite Anna Anisimova, who bought a $15 million Time Warner Center apartment after getting mixed up in that whole von Furstenberg thing, is adding a Hamptons estate to her collection. She bought neighboring properties for a combined $7.5 million in Water Mill. She's been known to not be shy about dropping $300k or more on a summer rental, so it's nice that she's settling down. [Page 6]

5) Only minorly New York-related, but very interesting. New NYC real estate mogul/overlord Lev Leviev teamed up with some others (including the Ciprianis) to buy up the Las Vegas land that was to house George Clooney's/Related's Las Ramblas resort project. They're planning a bunch of hotels/casinos for the 60-acre plot, near the Hard Rock Hotel. [In Business Las Vegas]

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