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Checking in on Maspeth Condo Alley's 'Rectangular' Olive Park

So, we strolled over to the ass end up and coming corner of Williamsburg on the east side of the BQE to check on progress on that building with the bizarroid steel bracing columns on the exterior. We found that they're being bricked and are getting hanging plants. Coincidentally, we got the following email:

It's a big, ugly hulk of a building abutting Cooper Park in East Williamsburg. It's about a block from one of the largest public housing projects in the area. The park, while nice during the day, can be quite dangerous at night. I have a friend who has lived here for many years and while it is much safer than it used to be (although he was mugged last year a block from this building towards the "safer" area near the L train) it is by no means considered a luxury condo kind of neighborhood, especially with the list of amenities this place is touting. It's kind of jaw-dropping. What's strange is how hideous the building is. It does one of those set-back things with the strange framed-out facade. Totally weird. I can't believe they think they'll get top dollar for these.Which, of course, led us to check the website. Among other things, it incorporates the construction weirdness as "graphic rectangular lines and stunning visual impact." The park is "a tranquil, undiscovered playground that wows with wide-open space." The amenities include a meditation garden, swimming pool and pool lounge, billiards room and, of course, roof cabanas. Gotta' love it.
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