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Lower East Side Carnage Update: Zombies!!

Yesterday's CurbedWire revealed a swath of destruction at the corner of Orchard and Stanton Streets on the Lower East Side. It's a swath of destruction that is, sad to say, merely a movie set—albeit a set for the much-buzzed J.J. Abrams monster movie alternately called Cloverfield, 1-18-08, and Monstrous. No one's got much idea what the movie's all about—the trailer is suitably awesome insofar as it's suitably inscrutable—but web chatter is pegging the flick as a monster movie. But the photo above, snapped in the midst of the LES carnage by an alert tipster during the film shoot late last night, heralds a new, horrifying plot possibility. Per our tipster, "stanton/orchard zombies!!!! brains! they want my brains!"
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