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UES Luxe Showdown: Brompton v. Lucida, Round 2

What's up with the UES Luxe-showdown on 86th? Despite the small fire, development of The Brompton (E86th and Third Avenue) is speeding along with work being done on what looks to be the 10th floor (above). New to the fun: two floors of the side structure which jut out over the building next door. So where's rival luxe development The Lucida (E85th and Lexington)? As of this morning, the to-be 110-unit, 18-story condo building looks like its getting work done to its third story below ground level, although on the sales side Lucida is killing it. As of late June, we hear 70% of the building was already spoken for. The Brompton, working out the sales side a little later in the game, recently opened its permanent sales office at East 93rd and Third Avenue. Touché!

Above, The Brompton. Below, The Lucida strikes back.

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The Lucida

151 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028