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Rumblings #2: Surveying Park Ave. South's Shuttered Strip

Let's close out this week's reader questions with reader answers concerning development activity around town. As ever, your queries about construction or destruction in your neighborhood to

[Park Avenue South @ 28th/29th; click to Racked for enlarged pic. Photo by Femia.]

1) Park Avenue South: No definitive intel on what's going to happen on the western block of Park Ave. South between East 28th and 29th Streets, but it's clear from the sea of renewed leases that destruction looks to be in the cards. Sez one commenter, "Heard from a neighbor who is friends with a former business owner on that block that condos were going up and their lease was not renewed after many years. Of course 'condos' could also mean Hotel Gansevoort. The family that owns the Gansevoort also owns the Hotel Giraffe on 26th and PAS. interesting that they want to compete with themselves (or perhaps there is enough demand.)" More photos of the carnage over at Racked.

2) West Village: Those rumors about a hotel set to rise on the site of the old car wash, corner of Leroy and the West Side Highway? The DOB record doesn't turn up much. Speculates a commenter, "I know there has been mumbling about this stretch for some time, from Hudson Street over. I'm sure eventually this whole swath will be rezoned and residential will fill the area. That's what all the developers want I'm sure. Now if they don't redevelop Pier 40 into Disneyland, it might be a tougher sell. But if Related gets their way, who knows? It's already resembling Miami up above Christopher, why not more gleaming glass boxes so we can stare at people naked from Hudson River Park?"

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