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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) What the Credit Crunch Means for NYC Real Estate (101 comments)
"wall street bonuses only really impact first time buyers - the ones who got their first big bonus, i guarantee the high end buyers who have gotten million dollar bonuses for the last few years aren't all that worried about a weak bonus year, or year of 'vacation' before going back to work."
2) Curbed Roundtable: New Development Defects? (49 comments)
"we will see a shift back to pre-war coming very soon. i'm already seeing it. notice that places like park slope and clinton hill with lots of old housing stock are two of the more sought after neighborhoods in all of new york city. "
3) Development Du Jour: Casa Vizcaya (49 comments)
"this condo development, like nearly every one i've seen going up in long island city, is a complete and total shitshow."
4) $6 Cake As Fort Greene Gentrification Indicator (46 comments)
"people will pay a million bucks for a studio here, but not 6 for a slice of cake. cheap asses."