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Rumblings Responses #1: 'Fictionally Derelict' on Essex Street

We've got a lot of ground to cover in Rumblings and Bumblings, as we update our items from earlier this week with intelligence gathered from intelligent Curbed readers. Up first, responses to Wednesday's crop of queries. Alas, no solid intel on the 122nd Street building or the old American Cancer Society HQ in Clinton. Hit the comments if you've got something to add.

1) Lower East Side: Regarding the question about what's going on inside Building D at the Essex Street market, where some sort of ski-slope installation was sighted, a commenter points us towards the website of British artist Mike Nelson, who's setting up a site-specific show in the space that'll open to the public September 8. Says Nelson's site, "This site-specific project, the London-based artist’s first major installation in the U.S., will offer audiences an opportunity to explore a forgotten building, once a bustling part of the Lower East Side, which has been inaccessible to the public for the past thirteen years. Accessed through a small door on Delancey Street, the work draws visitors into a parallel universe by way of a series of deeply believable and disquieting architectural spaces, confusing the real with the fictionally derelict." Sounds awesome.

2) Upper West Side: What's going on at West 86th Street and West End Drive? Extell's got a new development on the way. A tipster points us to UWS Developments, which has this to say: "Extell Development Company bought four small buildings at West End Avenue and 86th Street. The site will hold a 21-story condominium building (the zoning restricts building to a verticle of 210 ft, meaning the site could hold up to a 21-story apartment tower)." No renderings yet, but we're betting they go pink with this one.

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