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Checking in on the Court Street Lofts

[505 Court Street photo via Property Shark]

A reader writes in demanding an update on the Court Street Lofts, which for a while was the well that kept the village Curbed quenched. If you couldn't guess, putting a big picture of the building up top is our way of saying we don't have much to share. We'd like an update too! Could it be that "everyone's favorite whipping boy" has settled into a normal existence of sales and marketing? It would appear so. Since we last checked in, commenting on Corcoran's takeover and the new 5% down strategy, Streeteasy shows a healthy crop of recorded sales, including unit 6J, which is the we were sending all those hot text messages to. There have been no pricechops since the big one nine months ago, and there are currently six active Corcoran listings, with open houses this weekend. "Who's the whipping boy now?" says the, uh, inanimate building.
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505 Court St

505 Court St, Brooklyn, NY