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Aurora's Pool Views: Comforting Amount of Distance

Why would someone plunk down a big deposit to live on Williamsburg's Karl Fischer Row? To make a nice home for his/her family? To stake a claim as a conquerer of the new Williamsburg? No and no. As everybody knows, it's all about trying to see McCarren Pool concerts for free. But how are the views? Phototipster Jesse Freeman was on the roof of the Aurora last night during the Beastie Boys' Brooklyn homecoming, and while the above makes it clear that the Pool is not a stone's throw away or anything, we kind of like this view from the back. It's nothing a good pair of binoculars can't fix, and you don't actually have to interact with any short-shorts-wearing McCarren Pool regulars. By the way, the Developers Group website shows that the Aurora is pretty much all locked up. Karl Fischer Row, you're so grown up!
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