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Chocolate Factory vs. Chocolate Factory in Clinton Hill

In an attempt to confuse and befuddle area neighbors along the northern Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy border, you'll find not one, but two residential buildings called The Chocolate Factory. As it turns out, the area was home the second largest chocolate-making area in the country. (Who knew?) To avoid further confusion, here's a guide to both factories:

The Chocolate Factory
Address: 725 Park Ave. (at Washington)
Type: Rentals
Former Use: Tootsie Roll factory
Apartments: Loft and 1-bedroom apartments, around 1,000 sf
Prices: approx. $2,100/mo
Closest Subway Stop: G at Clinton-Washington
Nuttiest Marketing Line: "Again rises the Chocolate Factory, a building able to restore tradition and culture while retaining its original classic facade and elegant demeanor." How many factories do you know that have an elegant demeanor?

The Chocolate Factory
Address: 689 Myrtle Ave. (bt Bedford and Spencer)
Type: Condos
Former Use: Cocoline Chocolate Company (kosher!)
Apartments: 43 units, 5 stories
Prices: originally $234,000 to $445,000, completed in 2003
Closest Subway Stop: G at Bedford-Nostrand
Nuttiest Marketing Line: "The charm and aroma of living in a former Chocolate Factory makes this chocolate loft conversion a buyer's dream." Huh? It still smells like chocolate in there?

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