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The Holy Order of Noisy in Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill residents can often be found puzzling over a mysterious structure on Clinton Avenue. It appears to be a greenhouse, but its beginnings are far more sinister. It was actually constructed by the Celestial Church of Christ, who currently hold services one block away on Waverly Avenue north of Myrtle. The Church has had a bad habit of irritating neighbors for years, producing noisy services and blocking traffic in the area on weekends. In addition to neighbors' noise complaints, the church has racked up at least $20,000 in fines with the city, not to mention the fact that the storefront they hold services in currently is zoned to operate as an art gallery.

Thankfully, it's not all bad. Says one area resident, "I don't live close enough to hear them but I've walked by and they have a sweet neon purple crucifix inside." Sweet Jesus.
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