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Neighborhood Namewatch: 'Clinton Hill' is New 'Fort Greene'

Living's never been better in the land of Clinton Hill. Evidence: new development 970 Kent, which boasts loft-sized apartments for semi-affordable prices, a children's playroom, doorman, 2.5 baths, an exclusive jazz night... oh wait. This ain't Clinton Hill! The Hill's borders officially end at Classon Avenue, and Kent is two blocks outside the zone.

Just a few years ago, brokers like this were calling Clinton Hill "Fort Greene." Now the 'Stuy's become Clinton Hill. Back in the '80s, things went the other way, with the Notorious B.I.G. claiming extra street cred using Bed-Stuy in his raps, when he was, in fact, living on St. James Place, firmly in Clinton Hill. Bet he'd love to know that this place was once home to the Kaiser Underwear Factory. The Bed-Stuy Panty Factory—now there's some street cred!
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