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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Hathaway Hot Over Gramercy Park Pad, Taylor Downshifts, Powell Decorates

1) How does Braden Keil know that Anne Hathaway and her real-estate developer beau Raffaello Follieri are very interested in a $22 million Greek revival townhouse (floorplan above) on Gramercy Park? "The two went in with brokers and then came out and began making out on the steps," a source told Keil. Man, that guy's good. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) Actress Lili Taylor, who recently slid from HBO (Six Feet Under) to Lifetime (State of Mind), is attempting a similar retreat via the real estate market. Taylor is moving from Manhattan (West Village) to Brooklyn (Cobble Hill), having reportedly just purchased "a charming, non-glitzy three-bedroom in a low-key co-op, for $950,000." [S. Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]

3) If you were former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and you bought a $1.85 million condo at 220 West 93rd Street that had formerly been a rental, would you pay for the $135k "upgrade package"? Hell no! You'd take the place as-is and renovate it yourself, because you're Colin fucking Powell and you don't need anybody else telling you what kind of fridge you want. [Max Abelson/Manhattan Transfers]