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Manhattan High-End Market's 'Quickest Change Ever'

"I think from a $10 million and up buyer, there is definitely a change in the last three weeks. It is a very rapid change, to the quickest change I have ever seen in the marketplace, where people are really thinking about their purchases versus just running in and making a bid and securing the property. They're taking longer to think about it and looking at more things and taking a breather."That's Dolly Lenz, Prudential Douglas Elliman's chief exec, hitting the panic button for high-end Manhattan real estate. (Bonus Lenz: "The high-end market is one of confidence—it's pure, pure confidence, and the minute the confidence isn't there, that's when the attitude changes.") Confidential to the folks selling the $11.5 million listing seen here: don't roll up your zebra rug just yet.
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