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Inwood #4: The Lemonade Just Tastes Sweeter

For those in the crowd who didn't rush out earlier today to buy a needs-work house or blue-light-special studio, here's your chance to ease into the Inwood market. This duplex 2-bed is listed at $2500, PriceChopped from its original ask of $2900. There's a daytime doorman and some other exclamation point amenities ("A private courtyard garden!"), but, as brokers David Austin and Sidney Whelan remind us, what it really boils down to is this:

When you are sipping lemonade on your private deck - with its stunning views of Fort Tryon Park and the George Washington Bridge - you will find yourself with an amount of space that you can't get for this price anywhere else in Manhattan.Run that through your head a few (hundred) times on the Subway ride up.

· Listing: 57 Park Terrace East [Halstead]