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Ask Curbed: Dumbo Lofts Rain Down O'er Me

A reader who knows us well—"I know how much you like Dumbo controversies!"—emails:

I live in a loft building in Dumbo. I moved in over 2 years ago and from the first month I moved in I've had problems with my ceiling leaking. I live underneath the top floor of the building. My apartment was upgraded with new hardwood floors. Some apartments have this upgrade, others don't. The people above me don't have them. Therefore, whenever they spill a drink, have their dishwasher leak, or their toilet overflows, it comes through their floor and right through my ceiling into my apartment. I've complained about it ever since the first incident and I get brushed off every time with lines that pretty much read "Its an old loft building, you have to live with things like that." So I'm wondering if I have any choice in this matter? I love my apartment and I don't want to move. Do I have any recourse?Besides the obvious parlor game of figuring out which building this poor soul is residing in, your best advice in the comments, svp. And as always, your own questions for Ask Curbed are welcomed to
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