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Inwood #3: Jesus, Even the Squirrels Are Happy

After spending the last few hours catching up on the blogs and LiveJournals of Inwood residents, and hanging out on the neighborhood's bustling WaHi Online forums, we've come to a strange, sobering conclusion: everyone in Inwood appears to be happy. That is, content. Which is to say, the opposite of tightly coiled balls of rage. There's a WaHi Online thread called Why I Love My Neighborhood Today ("I love the light at this hour, how it sprinkles the top of Isham Park's trees like golden sugar. Clearly it's time for a donut"), an active neighborhood MeetUp group (group name: "The Upper Manhattan Experience"), and a blogger promising a squirrel that he'll bring him sunflower seeds tomorrow. Can this really be part of Manhattan? The mind boggles.
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