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Inwood #1: Totally Detached

Having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves by the salty docks of the South St. Seaport (aka "Little Boston") over the last 24 hours, we're heading uptown?way uptown?to the north shore. That's right, we're in Inwood, a stubborn Sub-Zero Day holdout and supporter of all things drapes. After surveying the scene, we have surmised that the building at right is currently the most expensive listing in the nabe, by at longshot. Asking $1.595 million, the place is currently configured as three units and "NEEDS TLC," per the listing. No pics or floorplan, but we've done some drawings in our head and it looks a lot like your great aunt's place before she renovated.
· Listing: 114 Seaman Avenue [Corcoran via Inwoodite]