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Seaport #5: 254 Front Street's Homage to the Hood

Closing out yesterday's Peck Slip obsession, we've got our hands on this here rendering for 254 Front Street (at Dover), a new residential project with a ground floor retail/restaurant space set to rise later this year adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge. Architected by Morris Adjmi Architects, the building claims to be highly attuned to the seaport; reads the archibabble, "254 Front Street celebrates the history of the surrounding buildings while looking toward the future. The building is composed of large, mahogany windows and zinc panels bent into a texture that evokes the spirit of brick, the common material of the district. The steel and glass awnings at street level are suspended by cables in homage to the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge." The lot is curiously mostly empty, but a small garage on the site served as the former residence of Jeremy's Alehouse. (Jeremy's relocated nearby awhile back, so no Alehousers are going to be put out on the street by the newcomer).
· 254 Front Street [Morris Adjmi]

254 Front Street

254 Front Street, New York, NY 10038