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The Catch: Bugging Out in Clinton Hill

What/Where: One bedroom for rent in a 5BR loft in Clinton Hill
Looks Good Right? Any apartment for which the tenants can summon the enthusiasm to photograph themselves triumphantly, as seen in the above right photo, we have to credit. The rent is cheap ($750), and your new roommates sure do sound friendly: "We are 2 guys and 2 girls; all young professional types. I'm an artist going back to get my Masters, we have an Architect, an Engineer and a Business professional. We are all laid back and would love someone who can fit in to the group. "
The Catch: "Very Important note: you must tolerate bugs! We have bugs now and then since we live in an old old converted warehouse with tons of places for them to come from. Although they are not common, they do come in and bite us =( The other bad thing is that we only have One bathroom so we must plan around that detail. Other than those two cons, its an awesome place!" Really, you had us at the frowny face.
· $730 - 1 Br. in Nice Apt. Loft size living room w/5 BR [Craigslist]