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Columbia Street Chickens Still Own the Freaking Place

It's been far too long since we heard an update on the doings of the chickens of Columbia Street—the industrial waterfront area that's sort of Carroll Gardens and sort of Red Hook. In our absence, seems things have gone feral, reports Lost City:

What's with all the loose chickens lately? I passed by a local community garden yesterday and noticed a rust-feathered rooster clawing about the grounds. He seemed quite at home, not lost or panicked. I had never noticed him before, having passed by the garden myriad times... The Wife thinks the hens might be the work of the artists, a sort of silent protest of the poultry slaughterhouse that lies just down the street from the lot. But the card describing the current show lists five artists, each responsible for a different part of the exhibition; there was no mention of chickens being part of the show.· What the Buck? [Lost City]
· Columbia Street, Where the Chickens Still Roam [Curbed]