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Development Update-o-Rama: Trump Soho, William Beaver, More!

1) Trump Soho: Breaking news: Donald Trump is thrilled with how things are going at a Donald Trump development. "The sales office is just opening, and already we have 2,800 applications for 500 units," he tells Braden Keil. Other reveals: prices are $2,600 or so per square foot; "suites" on the top floors will be as big as 7,000 square feet. Keil says that means prices might be as high as $18.9 million, but we'll wager Trump will charge twice that just for the hell of it. [NYPost]

2) William Beaver House: A Curbed reader emails, "I work on Wall Street (the actual street) and walked past William Beaver House after another ridiculous day in the market. I wonder, what should the odds be on William Beaver eventually terminating buyer contracts and becoming a high-end rental? This was only ever going to be a young-person's development, and now with mortgages being more difficult to attain, and after the recent change of marketing firm, will they have enough buyers to go through with the project as a condo? I was never sure why anyone would buy here to begin with—rentals would be available even if it were condo as foreign buyers would rent out to young guys and gals working locally, and the rental math would have to work out better given the ridiculous selling prices, the two way transfer taxes, and the brokerage fees. Personally I say the odds are pretty high."

3) West Village/Chelsea: A few fresh details on developer Cary Tamarkin's new buildings. At 397 West 12th, the 10-story building's five units will be priced between $5.5 million and $14 million; at 456 West 19th, prices will run $1,500 to $2,800 a square foot. [NYSun]

Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013