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Ask Curbed: Elevator To Nowhere

There are two types of people in this city: those who climb stairs and those who don't. Which camp you belong to is a very personal decision, based primarily on your tolerance for small talk and the strength of your quadriceps. Today's Ask Curbed comes from a member of the doesn't-climb camp who has been unceremoniously rerouted. His sad tale:

I was hoping to solicit advice from curbed readers. I live in the top floor (6th) of an elevator building on Noho. I recently received a notice that my building's elevator will be out of service for 8-10 weeks due to electrical work of some sort. Do I have any recourse? I understand that the building owner has a right to make capital improvements, but the rent I agreed to pay was based on living in an elevator building, not a walk-up. I could understand if it was out for a few days or even a week, but this is 16-20% of the length of the 1-year lease, and that strikes me as pretty material. I called my landlord, and they basically told me I just had to deal with it. Is there anything I can do?The good stuff in the comments, please.
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