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Stroller Set Now Ruining Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Too

Just when the Park Slope mothers meme had finally dies, a rant arrives in our inbox that shows, perhaps more beautifully than we ever could document, the perils of gentrification. To our reader's email:

OK, so the whole Park Slope mommy debate is getting kind of old, and I'd refrained from most recent discussions, congratulating myself smugly on never having lived in the Slope. But now it seems to be spreading to MY side of the park. At first the influx of strollers was relatively moderate, and most stroller-pushers were polite and considerate. (This development has also co-incided with a balancing, although nearly equally disturbing, migration of unwashed hipster types from points north. Where do normal people live?) But now it's gone too far. Just tried to stop in at K-Dog's for a gelato or (hopefully) a pomegranate sorbet, and as soon as I walked in the door, I was confronted by the sight of a mommy seated facing out at a table, in plain view of anyone looking in the store, (probably) blogging away on her iBook and BREASTFEEDING her baby. I thought as long as I avoided such hotbeds of lactation as Two Boots, et al, in the Slope I was safe. Guess I was wrong. I realize this may sound massively intolerant and I'll probably be ripped to shreds by many but I will not cede to the La Leche fascists.

When we're getting emails like this from Far Rockaway, our work here will be complete.
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