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Curbed Readers Comment: Big Bowl 'o Credit Crunch Edition

1) Your Morning Credit Crunch: Dude Said 'Contagion' (173 comments)
"btw, i hope this fiasco, if it turns into one will make people realize that buying a 1 million dollar starter apt. is absurd. do you what your parents did and work for something. start out in a studio and work your way up, if that's what it takes. you can find really nice studios in brooklyn for 350K."
2) Your Morning Credit Crunch: Cash Upfront, Please (110 comments)
"I don't think anyone knows precisely how big a hit the market will take, but it's patently ridiculous to say that New York City real estate never falters. Were any of you *alive* in the early 90's?"
3) Your Morning Credit Crunch: End of an Era?! (89 comments)
"Well, then, it is will save the entire manhattan market. I expect we will see not one foreclosure or distressed sale in a co-op. Ever. The problem will be isolated to condos and townhomes and nowhere else..."
4) East Village Decline Update: Toys R In at Tower Records Space (83 comments)
"This is wrong on so many levels...I think I spent at least 14% of my teen years sifting through the records there, and now instead of walking past in a dreamy state of nostalgia, I'm going to have to duck and dodge a fleet of Bugaboos. Sick, just plain sick."